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Does it make sense?

Manual labor is slow and expensive

People make a lot of mistakes when doing routine repetitive work

Manual labor is unscalable and may limit your growth

According to multiple surveys, more than 70% of companies use invoice workflow automation to reduce their costs or plan to start using it soon.

You need a solution which is smart, simple and flexible.

Invoice Recognition API

100% self-learning engine based on the most efficient machine learning technologies


Less than 1 minute per document, up to 96% recognition quality*.

* For recurring invoices

Just 3 API commands to get Invoice Recognition API connected with your software. It takes less than 2 hours to integrate.


Customize the extraction for your specific data. Provided with a training set, we adjust the system within 48 hours.

Connect your software with Invoice Recognition API, send us PDF invoices and get structured data back.

How to start

1 Request API key

Get answers for all your questions, receive API key required for integration

Ready to integrate

2 Integration

Integrate 3 API calls to your workflow. We start preparing your training set and monitor the quality

Training set

3 Acceptance testing

Send us a test set for final quality verification


4 Start working

Start getting results and enjoy the process


No manual setup: software learns from your employees

Recognition quality is monitored in real time

Already using some solution? We can measure its quality for free!