Automated Invoice Processing Solutions to Drive your Business Growth

Machine learning techniques and smart workflow to simplify and streamline the process of managing your invoices

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Go from invoice to payment in 3 simple steps

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    Integrate your mailbox to SMBinvoices to automatically import all your invoices.

  • 2


    Review all your digitized invoicing data at a glance in one easy-to-use dashboard.

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    Store invoices in secured digital files and automatically export them to your accounting software.


Eliminate manual data entry and cut your invoicing from hours to minutes

  • Increase your accounting department productivity

    Increase your accounting department productivity

    Say goodbye to manual entry of data for large volumes of invoices! With automation you can drastically cut processing time and save on staff resources.

  • Get a more accurate invoice processing

    Get a more accurate invoice processing

    Minimize financial errors with a smart software able to automatically identify and validate invoicing data more consistent than other OCR based services.

  • Drive more growth for your business

    Drive more growth for your business

    Streamline your accounts payable management and improve payment times, while building stronger relationships with suppliers. It’s simple, fast and convenient.


Take control of your increasing invoice volume with the right technology

  • More reliable recognition of invoices

    Optimize your accounting workflow via a self-improving software trained to capture and cross-check invoice data based on its previous history. Relevant information is extracted - all the way down to the line-item level- making data entry faster, cheaper and more accurate.

  • Highly scalable processing capability

    Speed up the processing time of any amount of invoices, while reducing administrative costs. In only a few minutes, your financial information is automatically integrated into your company’s software and fully available to your accounts payable department.

  • Robust data security and increased financial visibility

    Making sure your financial data is safe is critical for us. Thanks to our secure confidential data handling and advanced validation system, your AP staff will be able to prevent data entry errors, lost invoices and duplicate payments.

  • Tight integration with third-party bookkeeping solutions

    Interact with your accounting system in the exact manner that you want to work. You can easily book invoices, creditor data and exchange rates directly to Twinfield or any other accounting software accepting the UBL format.

  • Powerful proprietary machine-learning technology

    Achieve higher quality results in less time. Our smart application uses a mix of statistical approaches and machine learning techniques to better extract and validate information from almost any invoice.

  • Automated SEPA payment files creation

    You can easily generate SEPA payments files for EU payments and BTL91 for non-euro payments inside the EU to make fast and secure transfers to your suppliers. Just select the amount and the creditor and we’ll do the rest!

ai API

Employ our self-learning robots via Invoice Recognition API to extract data automatically

You send us an invoice and we return structured data for booking.

Just 3 API commands to integrate.

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